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22 subcategories for "Health Education"

AIDS/HIV Prevention Counseling

Programs that provide counseling services for individuals at risk for contracting or transmitting the HIV virus with the objective of supporting their ability to make behavior... (more)

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Appearance Enhancement Consultation Programs

Programs that help cancer patients, accident victims, burn patients and others with temporary or permanent conditions that affect their features, cope with the appearance... (more)

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Assistive Technology Information

Programs that provide information about cognitive/learning aids, control and signaling aids, daily living aids, hearing augmentation aids, mobility aids, prosthetic/orthotic... (more)

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Assistive Technology Training

Programs that provide training for individuals who have physical or sensory limitations and/or for their caregivers which focuses on the care and utilization of the particular... (more)

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Breast Self Examination Instruction

Programs that instruct women in the appropriate techniques for examining their breasts to detect changes that may be indicative of breast cancer. (more)

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Chronic Disease Self Management Programs

Health care programs that provide multidisciplinary education, training and support regarding recommended therapeutic regimens, medical procedures and self-care for adults,... (more)

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Disease/Disability Information

Programs that provide information about the causes and origins, preventive measures, symptoms, screening/diagnostic procedures, and/or methods of treatment or management... (more)

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First Aid Instruction

Programs that instruct the public in the basic lifesaving techniques involved in the administration of emergency assistance to individuals who have been injured or otherwise... (more)

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General Health Education Programs

Programs that provide information that helps the public make choices which promote personal health, prevent illness and disability, take advantage of opportunities for early... (more)

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Health Fairs

Organizations that sponsor expositions which offer health screenings and a wide variety of informational materials for participants. Health fairs are offered in many locations... (more)

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Health Literacy Programs

Health education programs that improve the ability of patients and/or the general public to obtain, process, and understand basic health information needed to make appropriate... (more)

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Health Treatment Options Information

Programs that provide information about specific health care treatment options and/or different philosophical approaches to general medical practice, e.g., conventional... (more)

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Programs that provide instruction regarding principles, practices and techniques that contribute to the prevention of illness and the preservation of health which may include... (more)

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Medically Oriented Books and Playthings

Programs that provide parents, children and/or health care professionals with toys, puzzles, games, books and other medical materials which are designed to emotionally and... (more)

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Medication Adherence Programs

Programs that help people with HIV infections, AIDS, hypertension, diabetes, epilepsy, renal disease or other chronic illnesses with complex treatment plans, improve and... (more)

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Medication Information/Management

Programs that conduct a review of the prescription and over-the-counter medication and other substances (e.g., herbal remedies, vitamins and other supplements, illegal drugs)... (more)

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Nutrition Education

Programs that provide information concerning the basic principles of healthful eating, food handling, food preparation and shopping skills. Included is information about the... (more)

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Organ/Tissue Transplant Education Programs

Programs that provide information that improves the public's understanding of organ and tissue transplantation, its history, current legislation pertaining to donation, the... (more)

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Physical Activity and Fitness Education/Promotion

Programs that promote the benefits of an active lifestyle and encourage people of all ages to participate in regular physical activity as a means of improving health,... (more)

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Poison Control

Programs that provide emergency information, usually on a 24-hour basis, for medical personnel or others who may need to take immediate corrective action to treat an... (more)

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Vaccine Information

Programs that provide information about vaccines and the illnesses they prevent, laws related to vaccines and exemptions (i.e., immunization requirements for schools, colleges... (more)

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Wellness Programs

Programs that offer individual and/or group sessions which assist participants to understand how their lifestyle impacts their physical and mental health and to develop... (more)

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