LA HMIS Resource Guide

Kinship Care

Code: PH-6300.3500

Arrangements in which the full time care, supervision, nurturing and protection of a minor child is the responsibility of a grandparent, aunt, uncle or other relative, member of the child’s tribe or clan, godparent, stepparent, friend of family or another adult who has a long-standing relationship with the child or the family in situations where the child cannot live with his or her parents. Types of kinship care include informal agreements between family members or with a non-relative; kinship caregiver arrangements in which the caregiver has physical custody but the children’s protective services agency has legal custody; kinship guardian arrangements in which the caregiver has both legal and physical custody; and kinship foster care in which the caregiver is a licensed foster parent and has physical custody of the child while the children’s protective agency has legal custody.

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