Home Assistance Services, Inc.


6027 Monroe Hwy
Ball, LA 71405

(800) 280-4384


Date of Official Change:

March 9, 2016


PCA: Personnel Care Attendants go into the homes of the elderly, ill, adults or children with special needs who need help and/or unable to do for themselves.

Home is the most comfortable place to be. American Seniors really want to remain in their own home !€“ even though age or disability has limited the ability to take care of daily independent living skills. Those tasks are often assumed by their grown children or friends, who are still employed and very busy. Home Assistance Services, Inc. strives to fill the needs throughout North and Central Louisiana since 1987. Home Assistance began working with the state programs in 1992 and continues to be a leader in in-home personal care.

Personal Care
In-Home Adult Care
Assist with Hygiene
Light Housekeeping
Meal Preparation
Errands/Daily or weekly (Grocery Shopping; Pharmacy, etc)
Respite for Families
Recreational/Leisure Activity
Hospital/Nursing home Assistance is Also Available


Office Hours Monday-Friday 8am-4:30pm
24 Hour Answering Service on Weekends and Closed Times

Intake Process:

Put name on waiting list after being accepted; must be admitted into the waiver programs.

Program Fees:

Waiver programs and also do private pay as well (can get set up in a week)




Available Services in Your Home: From 3 to 24 hours of In-Home Care for the elderly, ill, adults or children with special needs. Respite or Relief for Caregivers
In-Home Care: Hourly/Day or Night for:
Children/Adults with Disabilities
(Contracted with OCDD)
Foster/Adoptive Children/Teens
(Contracted with OCS)
HOSPICE- Non-Medical Personal Care

Handicap Accessible?


Is Shelter?


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Date of Official Change:

March 9, 2016



Volunteer Opportunities:


Address Listings


6027 Monroe Hwy
Ball, LA 71405

Physical (Primary)

6027 Monroe Hwy
Ball, LA 71405


Available Staff

Primary Contact

(318) 640-7440

Lori Barber


(318) 640-7440


Phone Numbers

Toll Free

(800) 280-4384


(318) 640-7439

Main Phone

(318) 640-7440

Legal Status:


Geography Served

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  • Louisiana
    • Avoyelles County
      • Catahoula County
        • Concordia County
          • Grant County
            • Rapides County
              • Vernon County
                • Winn County
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