City of Alexandria / Mayor's Office


915 Third Street
Alexandria, LA 71301

(318) 449-5000

Date of Official Change:

February 6, 2014


Mayor's Office


Mission Statement
In accordance with Section 4-11 of the City Charter, the Mayor proposed a reorganization plan to the Alexandria City Council to streamline several city departments and offices in order to create the Division of Community Services. In March 1999, the City Council adopted the reorganization plan. This Division's stated goal in the Charter, adopted in 1974, was modified and expanded to reflect the change from a Department to a Division and is as follows:
To enrich individuals and the community through the provision of services and effective coordination of programs in the following areas:

1. Re-granting
2. Arts and Culture
3. Alternative Youth and Adult Recreation
4. Education Advocacy
5. Community Building
6. Special Events And Projects

This is the local Mayor's Office for the City of Alexandria.


Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm

Intake Process:

Not applicable.

Program Fees:






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Date of Official Change:

February 6, 2014

Volunteer Opportunities:


Address Listings


P.O. Box 71
Alexandria, LA 71309

Physical (Primary)

915 Third Street
Alexandria, LA 71301


Director of Community Services

Primary Contact

Director of Community Services

(318) 449-5056

Person in charge - Jacques Roy


Phone Numbers

Main Phone

(318) 449-5000

Alternate Number

(318) 449-5230

Legal Status:


Geography Served

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  • Louisiana
    • Rapides County
      • Alexandria
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