Jennings Police Department


324 North Broadway
Jennings, LA 705646

(337) 821-5513

Date of Official Change:

December 8, 2015


City of Jennings


Our Mission
The mission of the Jennings Municipal Police Department, in partnership with the community, is to protect life and property, to understand and serve the needs of the city!€™s neighborhoods and to improve the quality of life by building capacities to maintain order, resolve problems and apprehend criminals in a manner consistent with the law and reflective of shared community values.
A community free from crime and disorder remains an unachieved ideal; nevertheless, consistent with the values of a free society, achieving this ideal must be the primary goal of the Department.
We strive to promote efficiency throughout the Department, while recognizing each person our members come in contact with is an individual, and must not be subjected to impersonal treatment.
We wish to work with members of the community without regard to color, race, or beliefs. The officers of the Department are a part of the community, not a separate entity.
Training, discipline, and ultimately professionalism are goals the Department will continue to achieve. Every Officer and civilian employee should remain committed to providing quality service and protection for their community.


Monday-Friday 8am-4:30pm.



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Date of Official Change:

December 8, 2015

Volunteer Opportunities:

Help with Animal Control

Address Listings

Physical (Primary)

324 North Broadway
Jennings, LA 705646


P.O. Box 1249
Jennings, LA 70546


Available Staff

Primary Contact

Jennings Police Department

(337) 821-5513

Todd A. D’Albor

Chief of Police

Phone Numbers

Main Phone

(337) 821-5513


(337) 824-0423


(337) 821-5527


(337) 821-5506

Legal Status:


Geography Served

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  • Louisiana
    • Jefferson Davis County
      • Jennings
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