Point in Time

Point in Time (PIT) is an annual census and survey of those who are homeless, sleeping on the streets and in places not meant for human habitation, as well as for those sheltered in emergency shelters, safe havens, or transitional housing programs.  The PIT count takes place on one night, typically during the last week of January.


A survey of vulnerability is also performed during this count to rate those at most risk of losing their life on the streets.  This Vulnerability Index (VI) helps to identify those who are in the most urgent need of housing and medical services. 


This census count is required by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).  The State of Louisiana surveys annually both sheltered and unsheltered homeless.  The information that is collected is eventually compiled with other national PIT counts and is reported to Congress. 


This information helps on a regional, state and national level to know how well we are doing housing the homeless and meeting their needs to keep them housed. 




Help us identify those in homeless situations. Our State is made up of large rural areas, often challenging the Point in Time count. You can help!  Let us know if you know someone or have seen someone who is homeless. Getting them counted, can get them help.


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