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Community Service Work Programs

Taxonomy Code: FF-0500.1300

Programs that hold adult and juvenile offenders accountable for their crimes by having them spend a specified number of hours serving the community or crime victims through uncompensated work in lieu of a fine, restitution or jail. Community work service (CSW) may also be ordered as a condition of probation by the court as a sanction, or it may be stipulated as a condition of diversion. Offenders can work alone and provide service for churches, hospitals, nursing homes, cities, townships, schools, county departments and other public and nonprofit organizations; or can participate in a closely supervised work crew on projects such as picking up litter on highways or in parks. CSW is usually arranged and monitored through a corrections agency, but work assignments and supervision at the work site are normally the responsibility of a community organization such as a local volunteer center or a public agency.

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