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Storm Spotter Volunteer Opportunities

Taxonomy Code: PX-1900.8300

Organizations that are actively seeking individuals with the requisite skills and experience who are willing to work on a voluntary basis without remuneration as storm spotters, i.e., people who have been trained and certified to observe the visual cues associated with the development and progression of hazardous weather events and provide real-time descriptions of tornadoes, high winds, hail and significant cloud formations to the local weather service office and emergency managers in a timely manner. The reports of storm spotters become part of the weather warning decision making process and when combined with radar data and other information, are used by national weather service forecasters to decide whether to issue a new warning, cancel an existing warning, continue a warning, and/or issue a warning for the next county. Spotter reports also help local public safety officials make decisions to protect lives and property such as when to sound sirens, activate safety plans and take other necessary steps when severe weather is approaching. The activities of storm spotters are coordinated by Skywarn, a program established by the National Weather Service.

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