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Facility Licensing Program Development

Taxonomy Code: TP-1850.1600-200

Programs that help state legislatures, regulatory offices, government offices, prospective licensing boards and other organizations that are responsible for establishing and enforcing compliance with licensing standards for health facilities, psychiatric hospitals, residential treatment facilities, child care facilities, group homes and other community facilities evaluate the feasibility of establishing licensure for a particular type of facility and develop and implement their licensing programs. Responsibilities generally include development and review of regulatory requirements that relate to staffing, training, supervision, record-keeping, admission and discharge, food service, purchasing and supply, maintenance and repair, housekeeping and other practices which impact health and safety of residents; standardized evaluation tools for use during inspections; an application process which includes procedures for initial and renewal licenses; protocols for regularly scheduled inspections; protocols for investigation of complaints; and disciplinary procedures for organizations that violate licensing laws including suspension or revocation of a facility's license.

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